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Company introduction

The idea of establishing NVISTA in mid-2020 stemmed from a group of young people working in this sector with more than five years of experience and it is a licensed company based in Istanbul and registered in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce under the trade name:


Our vision:

We believe in long-term relationships and strive to gain the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we set our sights on providing our expertise in all honesty and transparency to reach distinction and to be the best choice for investors in the field of real estate investment with the aim of providing sound real estate advice and the most appropriate investment offers, taking upon our shoulders the duty to educate the customer about the laws of ownership and Safe investment.

Our Mission:

Making a decision to buy a property is not an easy thing, especially since the difference in culture and geographical area leads to different real estate specifications between countries, so we seek with our expertise and our effort to understand customer expectations and approach the results to find the most suitable property and improve the methods of real estate marketing and find distinct and real opportunities Taking into account the aspirations of investors to ensure our services are of high quality.

Our services:

  • Providing telephone consultations and presentations for investment and residential projects in Turkey from a distance without the need to come to Turkey.
  • Conducting real estate tours to inspect investment projects on the ground and assist in taking the appropriate and right decision.
  • Follow up on the legal matters of the property through a group of specialized Turkish and Arab lawyers.
  • Complete the purchase process from the moment of signing the contract until receiving the title deed.
  • Providing after-sales services and real estate management.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship in real estate investment according to the law issued on 09/19/2018

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