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The Çamlıca Tower extends to the sky in the Üsküdar district of Istanbul, Turkey, May 28, 2021. (AA Photo)

Istanbul’s Çamlıca Tower: Location, prices and other info

A huge telecommunications tower was inaugurated on the Asian side of Istanbul. In addition to the actual use of radio and television broadcasting, Çamlıca Tower also has a cafeteria, a restaurant, and several observation decks. The authorities hope that this building with the highest title in Istanbul will become a popular tourist attraction. So this is what visitors might need to know about Çamlıca...

Living in Turkey

Living in Turkey

An increasing number of people from various parts of the world are moving to Turkey to start a new life, to work, or even to find peace of mind for their retirements. The country has developed dramatically in the last seventeen years, and the pace of progress in certain fields is nothing short of astonishing. ​ With its unique geographical location combined with a rich and diverse...

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